Welcome to Icarus Pool!

We help Cardano (ADA coin) holders earn passive income when they delegate their stake to our pool.

Staking ADA secures transactions on the Cardano network by making it more difficult to perform a 51% attack. In exchange for this service, stakeholders are given a chance to receive transaction fees as a reward. The likelihood of receiving this reward is proportional to the amount of ADA held.

There are two main advantages to staking with a pool like ours. One advantage is that large pools win stake rewards more frequently. This allows us to distribute rewards more consistently to our members.

The other advantage is that we are running 24/7 with a high quality connection to the Cardano network. This means if you delegate to Icarus Pool, you don’t have to worry about your computer being turned on and running Daedalus at all times in order to participate.

There is no risk when you delegate your stake to us. Your coins remain totally under your control. All you are delegating is the potential to become a slot leader in Cardano’s transaction verification system. You are also free to change your delegation later if you change your mind.

PLEASE NOTE: Cardano’s Delegated Proof of Stake protocol is not yet active, but should be operational some time in 2019. For updates regarding Cardano’s delegation status, please subscribe to our newsletter below. This newsletter will only be used for delegation updates.